Getting the right roof on your building is an important decision and we want to help you make the right one. Our team of specialists are available are able to talk you through the different types of roofing options and help you make the right decision.  When it comes to panels we have six different options.

- BattenLok® HS (Side Lap Mechanically Seamed)
- Double-Lok®
- Ultra-Dek®(Standing Seam Snap Down Roof Panel)

To learn more, you can download the more extensive PDF file.


Les Warkentin Construction wants to help you erect the building of your dreams. Our team of structural architects are ready to work with you through the blueprint process, building permits, and construction services to make your building a possibility. We want to streamline your building process and be the one stop shop from start to finish. Our building crews are fully equipped and capable of erecting buildings of any size.

With any building erection we do, safety is our number one concern. Our crews are fully trained to handle any and all construction situations. One of goals is to have zero injuries and accidents on all our jobs. We also guarantee our building erection services so that we can ensure the safety of your building after construction is complete.


We specialize in all areas of concrete construction. No concrete job is too big or too small.  We believe that the best job starts with the client being a part of the process. Our Civil Engineer wants to work alongside you during the design and architectural engineering phase to sure ensure you get best quality and design in concrete construction.  We will also work with you, the city, and county to make sure that the entire construction process runs smoothly. Some of the services we offer are:

- Concrete Repairs and Rehab
- Sidewalk Repairs and Replacement
- Crack Repairs
- Foundation Repairs

- PBR Panel
- SuperLok® (Side Lap Mechanically Seamed)
- LokSeam®


We believe in the simple philosophy “come to us with an idea, we do the work, and hand you the finished key.” By taking your idea, we will work with our team of civil engineers and architects to design exactly what you want. We want to make the construction process as painless as possible and we can ensure all city codes and ordinances are met alongside all permit applications. We want you to be involved in the project as much as you want. Not only do we guarantee and double check our work we want you to do the same. This is your project and your dream so let us help you make it a reality.

- Portable Buildings
- Large Clear Stand
- Airplane Hangars



When it comes to custom designed buildings, Les Warkentin Construction wants to help you design and customize your building to fit your exact needs. It starts with taking your idea and turning it into plans using Autocad and our custom Metallic Optima Program Software. This ensures you get the exact building you want for your business or home that fits within your budget. We can also take the headache out of dealing with the county and city building permits and certifications. Our team of professionals will be there from start to finish though the entire construction process. Some of the Custom Designed Buildings we can do:

- Barns
- Houses
- Commercial Buildings

- Electrical
- Floors

- Businesses
​- Roofs


Les Warkentin Construction Steel is a licensed Metallic Building Company Dealer. With our MBA products we offer and design pre-engineered metal buildings of the highest caliber, durability and longevity. Metallic is one of the most trusted and respected manufacturers of custom metal buildings in the industry. Using only Metallic products, we are able to offer the most ideal combination of aesthetics, functionality, durability, and long-term value in the industry.   Learn more HERE.

- Office Space
- Riding Arenas
​- Mini Storage Units


New Construction

Les Warkentin Construction has been in the business a long time. We take pride in our work and our employees and have a “hands on” approach. Our team of civil engineers and architects want to work with you to build your new dream home, office building, barn, or any other new construction project you had in mind. Remember, every building or project is as unique as the people or business that occupies it. We guarantee all of our new construction and a project is only successful when customer satisfaction is established.

- Parking Lots
- Resurfacing
- Demolition
- Concrete Slabs


There are many reasons why homeowners go solar, but improving the environment and cutting energy costs are the most common. Many people are aware that solar is a great home efficiency upgrade and are eager to reduce their carbon footprint while also improving property value. At Les Warkentin Construction, we can help you decide the best solar products for you and install them.


Often times a building or structure needs to be restored. At Les Warkentin Construction we’re able to meet that need. Whether its an old barn, house, or building we take pride in our restoration process. If you have an older building that needs to be restored to usefulness we can even give it “that old look” to match the existing structure or surroundings. We can also work with your insurance company if your structure has fire or weather damage.  Whether its just installing a door in your occupied home or repairing a damaged roof we take pride in our restoration process and want you to be a part of the process from start to finish.Some of the Restoration Services we offer:

- Old Barns
- Homes

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